What is DiamondApples?


 DiamondApples : Create your Diamond Story !

DiamondApples is a unique e-commerce concept to sell "Aspirational" Natural Diamond products and accessories online. Our focus is to offer products which you will "Aspire to Own or Gift" thereby creating your own diamond stories


Why should I buy from you?


We have a unique range of aspirational products for owning and gifting to be found only at DiamondApples. Our products are made with 18K Gold and Natural Diamonds (GIA standard grading system) sourced from “Best in Class” global suppliers providing you the assurance to purchase with confidence. Needless to mention, the products will continue to have enduring value for you and your loves ones.




What is the meaning of Natural diamonds? Are your diamonds conflict free?


Natural Diamonds are almost entirely pure carbon crystals, created under extreme heat (more than 10,000° C) and great pressure. They formed at a depth of 150km and more beneath the earth’s surface. All our diamonds are conflict free sourced from best in class global suppliers named as DTC site holders who give the guarantee of conflict free diamonds.


Why are your DIAMOND APPLE made in 18K gold?


18K gold is comparatively harder than 24k/22k gold. 18k Gold holds the diamonds very well. 18K gold is most popular to make diamond jewelry among all international jewelers.

How many sizes do you have for DIAMOND APPLE Pendants?


We have 4 different sizes in pendants namly : mini, small, medium and large. We measure all size in "mm" (millimeter).

I like your “Diamond Apple” design. 


Diamond Apple Pendant Design is inspired by Nature. 


Do you have any retail store in Singapore or other countries?


Currently, we are selling all our products only online at DiamondApples. At this time we do not have any retail shop in Singapore.


Do you sell in other countries?


Yes, we are launching our platform DiamondApples for the global audience across international countries in phases. Out first launch currently is for Singapore. However, if you are outside Singapore and want to buy immediately, please contact our sales team by e-mail at

Is buying in bulk an option?


Yes we can absolutely cater to your bulk purchase requirement. Please contact our sales team by e-mail at

Do you provide us with authenticity of the items?


Yes, we absolutely assure you with authenticity of our product with an inhouse certificate shipped with every item you purchase.




How can I buy from your website?


Please follow the following steps:

1. Select your suitable product size

2. Select gold color

3. Add to Shopping Cart

4. Pay online by using credit Card or Debit card


Is it compulsory to register myself before buying from your website?


No, it’s optional, but we recommend that you register with us first so that you can track your order and also get all notification of our upcoming products and promotions.

Do I receive any e-mail confirmation or notification after purchasing the items?


Yes, you will get Purchasing Notification on your e-mail address which you will provide to us. 

Before finalizing the order I have few questions, how can I contact you?


We will be very happy to answer your queries. You can chat with our customer care representative on “Live chat” or you can call or e-mail us. All details are provided in the “Contact Us” section of our website.


Can I track my order after you shipped?


Yes, you can get an update about your shipping status on our website. We will send you a tracking link once we ship your order.

I am a tourist and I like your product. I want to buy but can I claim GST Refund?


You can buy the product from us but we cannot issue GST refund slip to you. You cannot claim GST Refund at Airport.



What kind of online payment do you accept on your website?


We accept payment through Credit Cards, Debit cards and Net Banking.

I don’t have a credit card. Can you send the product with cash on delivery?


No, we don’t have this option now. You can pay us with Debit Card (ATM Card). If this is not possible please contact us and we will try to make special arrangement for you.

Can you accept Cash on delivery?


No, we don’t accept any cash on delivery.

What payment Gateway you are using?


We are using PayPal which is the world’s most popular and secure payment Gateway.

Do I need to register myself first with PayPal to pay you?


No, you do not need to register with PayPal. You just need to provide the Billing Address of your credit card for security check and authorization of payment to us.

 Is it safe to buy online from your website through PayPal?


Yes, PayPal is one of the most popular and secure international payment gateway. 162 million active buyers look for PayPal when shopping online.



When can you deliver to us? How much time it will take to deliver?


Here are the estimate delivery times of your shipment. Actual delivery time may be vary depends on customs clearance of your country.

Singapore 2~3 Days
Hong Kong 3~5 Days
Taiwan 1 Week
Australia 1 Week
New Zealand 2 Weeks
GCC 2 Weeks
UAE 2 Weeks
E.U. Will reply as per shipment & logistic schedule approximately 2 weeks
Indonesia 1 Week
Malaysia 3~5 Days
USA 2 Weeks

I am working and no one is at home to collect the items. Can I authorize any other person to collect the items on behalf of me?


Yes, you can authorize any other person to take delivery on your behalf. As long as delivered at the same address provided.

I want to gift this product to someone. Is there any way I can send it to her/him directly?


Yes, you can send our product as a gift to them. But you have to provide the last 5 digits of his/her IC/passport number to confirm the identity of the person to our courier courier for specific person to be gifted..

I am a tourist and stay in a hotel. Can you deliver to me at my hotel address?(Only for Singapore)


Yes, absolutely. We can deliver to you personally at your hotel. Please write in the special comment box your suitable date and time. However, we cannot deliver to the hotel reception or leave it with any other person. You must be present to take delivery personally.

Can you deliver the items outside Singapore? Do I need to pay extra shipping charges?


At this time we are beginning by launching the e-platform in Singapore. We will be selectively shipping outside Singapore on special request now. Please write to us at . Shipping charges will depend on the geographical location. However, all Import Tax, Custom Duty, levy etc. will be paid by the customer.

Can I collect item personally from your company address?


Yes, you can collect the items from our office if they have not been shipped yet to your address. Please contact and inform us. You also need to bring your IC/Passport copy for your identity verification. 

Do you have same day delivery option?(Only for Singapore)


Yes, we can arrange for same day delivery, but it depends on your purchase time. Please call us for this arrangement.  



After buying if I don’t like the product, can I return?


Yes you can return the item within 15 days in the original condition, with the original “Tag” attached to the items, original packaging and original invoice. Please read our “Return/Exchange Policy” for more details.

Do I need to pay shipping cost for returning the items?


No, for deliveries made in Singapore, you do not need to pay any shipping cost for return. We will have our logistics partner collect it from you.


After returning the items, how will you refund to me?


After you have successfully returned our items and we have completed the Quailty Control, we will process your refund. Your money will be refunded by the same channel (debit / credit card) as you have used to pay us.


How much time it will take to get back my refund?


It will depend on your mode of payment. Usually it takes approx. 7- 15 working days but it depends on your bank and your Credit/Debit Card issuing company.

Can you refund money in cash?


No, we are unable to refund your money in cash. It will be refunded to you by the same channel as you have used to pay us.


Can you refund to any other person accounts?


No, we can only refund to the original buyer’s account.

I accidently removed Tags from items and now I want to return the product. Will you still accept it?


Sorry, if you have removed our “Tag”/”Seal” the product is deemed to be accepted by you. We will not be able to accept your return.